You Can Scale Your Mountain or Conquer Any Barrier


Opening the text on my phone, I found a picture of a beautiful woman in a red dress accompanied by an interesting vehicle. Smiling I realized my friend Carol, forever an inspiration to me, was not going to let a broken foot keep her down. She knows how to conquer obstacles. Here was a perfect example of one of my mother’s favorite expressions, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”














Studying the picture, I realized Carol was following doctor’s orders by using this cool four-wheel vehicle to keep off her broken foot. Her knee rested on a plank allowing her good leg to push her around scooter-like. Again I was reminded of something a friend’s mother once said: “Everything is figure-out-able.” I remembered laughing at the made up word, but loved it nonetheless.

Carol’s actions, and the mother-isms I love, are life lessons. Often situations in everyday life trigger road blocks dotting our life landscape like immense mountains or menacing walls. Don’t let those barriers stop you.

Assign a Label

Need a suggestion to help design a way to tunnel under or scale your wall like Superman leaping tall buildings? Begin by labeling your wall. It could be limited thinking. For example, what if Carol believed the only way to heal was to stay in bed with her foot propped on a pillow accompanied by a bell used to summon family members to wait on her. Well you get it, she wouldn’t be wearing that red dress looking like she’s ready to conquer the world.

Perhaps your label is fear of the unknown. I once wanted to accept a teaching position in Australia. What stopped me? Anxiety over being halfway around the world removed from friends and family. Regretfully, I allowed fear to squash my adventure.










No Pity Parties

Once you uncover the cause of your frustration, get over it! Sounds harsh, but don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. You lost the sale, got laid off, had to cancel a much needed vacation because your car broke down and fixing it sucked up precious leisure funds.

Stop the pity party. Want the vacation? Get a second job. Lost the sale? Figure out why and take another run at it. Got laid off? Write a dynamite resume and begin your job search.













Deal With It

Find a way to deal with the hand life dealt you. My friend Barb gave me this tea towel which clearly illustrates my point.
















Or, if limoncello is not your thing, let me remind you of a bumper sticker I once saw to drive home my message: When life hands you lemons, throw them back and demand chocolate!

Get the picture? Scale your wall, move your mountain, get the job done I know you can because as wise women once said, everything is figure-out-able.

12 thoughts to “You Can Scale Your Mountain or Conquer Any Barrier

  1. Love it. And wow, Carol IS the role model for me! I am that person that would be in bed with a little bell. Haha. Although I doubt Wayne would oblige for too long!

  2. Sunny, you humble me with your kind words. I have been blessed to have you and so many gutsy, inspiring people in my life. Plus, the Lord gives me just what I need to face each day with His strength and power. 😍

  3. You did it again, over and over, fun reads for me to enjoy. Love the fear graphic and choices! Do hope Carol’s leg heals really fast but thanks for Sunny’s inspiration!

  4. Those “pity parties” are so easy to attend if one is not mindful of an alternative that you can create; I’ve been to enough of them over the years to know!! Your insightful reminders of choices one can make are spot on.

  5. Sunny, I love to read and reread and study and reflect on your articles! Thank you for always dealing with relevant subjects. Your writing is quality stuff and shouldn’t be free! I’d pay for a subscription to your fan club!

  6. What an inspiring post! I admire people like Carol who don’t let any obstacles hinder her from achieving things in life and moving forward. We will all stumble in life, one way or another, but we should learn how to get up and deal with it.

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