Why Do Optimists Succeed?

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I have a passion for what my parents called, “rags to riches stories.” You know the tales of how an individual or partnership went from obscurity to fame and made a ton of money in the process.

Ever heard of “Amazing Grass?” No, not that kind of grass. This is a super-food company started by two Silicon Valley telecom hotshots. Brandon Bert and Todd Habermehl quit lucrative careers and started the health food business on their kitchen table. The team’s ascent to success began with a beverage that Brandon drank each morning as the two carpooled to work. The elixir consisted of a rehydrated mixture of organically grown wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa. He eventually convinced Todd of the health benefits when Habermehl, who spent many hours on planes during business travel, often came down with colds. What began as a healthy habit evolved into a brilliant business idea.

Armed with energy and enthusiasm the pair parlayed a loan from the Small Business Administration into a product testing phase. Soliciting opinions and making improvements they eventually launched a full product line. What really resonates with me is these optimistic entrepreneurs followed their passion and created healthy products.

Another company that tickles my positive ideals is “Life is Good.” How could you not love an organization whose tag line is spreading the power of optimism? In the late 80’s Brothers, Bert and John Jacobs created tee shirts and spent five years on the road trying to sell their products. The business idea never really amounted to much. Discouraged and about to toss in the tees and get dreaded “real” jobs, they produced 48 shirts with one of Jake’s original drawings. It was a smiling face with the words “Life is Good” written below the grinning mug. When the shirts were an immediate hit at a Cambridge street fair, the pair knew they were finally on to something. Local retailers embraced the message of optimism and the demand for products soared.

My favorite part of this story is that it is not just about selling apparel. The company is committed to doing good as evidenced by the “Life is Good Kids Foundation.” Bert and John are passionate about helping children overcome abuse and neglect.

Is there a project tickling the back of your mind that fuels your passion. Could it be you are stagnating in a job you dislike or a career that does not match your interests? Do you stare at the clock waiting for the end of the workday and fantasize about starring in your own rags to riches story?
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Why not act on your dream? What it would take to make the plunge? Based on these two companies the answer appears to be a great idea, dedicated hard work and most of all passion. There is a direct correlation between passion and success. If you possess a yearning desire to accomplish something and wholeheartedly commit to it, you will succeed.

Included in the success formula is a hefty dose of optimism. Determined winners believe in their dream independent of external conditions. To be effectively optimistic, requires a constant stream of positive thinking.

Another important fact about optimists: they understand and recognize when things become problematic. Even those with sunny attitudes experience stormy days. When confronted with bumps in the road and setbacks, optimists regroup, persevere and work on finding a way to move forward.

Okay, ready to join the optimist team? Begin by visualizing what it is you wish to accomplish. Find a mentor or coach to play on your team. Remember you are only as good as the company you keep, so share your vision with like-minded people. They will encourage you.

Feeling more positive? Draft up your plan.

Break it down into bite-sized pieces and set goals for each milestone. Continue to share your passion with positive individuals and watch your list of supporters grow. Remember, life is good and you can make it even better by fueling your passion with a can do attitude.

8 thoughts to “Why Do Optimists Succeed?”

  1. I do remember those t-shirts. I believe my son had one and if I remember correctly it was yellow. If you ever watch shark tank you have seen some of the good and not so good ideas people come up with. The one that comes to mind are those little kitchen scrubbers with the smiling face on them. They are great and you see them everywhere. Just goes to show……

  2. Hi Sunny,
    I appreciate this post a lot.
    I love the message from both examples to follow your bliss.
    I appreciate your encouragement to go for it, and the reminder to be optimistic. I have trouble with this one as I recommit to finish my memoir this year and find myself very low on money.
    It is hard for me to not take low funds as a message from the Universe that I’m on the wrong track. As if instant manifestation is the only validation.
    I believe this will be the subject of MY next post!

  3. Robin,
    I am glad the post encouraged you and I look forward to reading your next post.
    You are a talented and courageous woman with a story to tell. I hope your finish your memoir per your plan.

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