Want to Stand Out? Get Creative

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I could tell she was going to land on top and in record time. I can always tell. Certain individuals remind me of the kids who always completed the “extra credit” assignments in grade school. Overachievers? In some cases, perhaps, but I view them as individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

My client was one of those extra credit kids. Lauren had just lost the job she held for 14 years as an assistant vice president at a branch office of a major financial institution.  Leaving a position she loved and excelled at was painful but her optimistic nature propelled her to focus on creating a bright future.

Lauren stood out from some of my other clients by her willingness to go the extra mile. After we polished her resume she opted to create a video resume. Few job candidates spend time and effort creating a video resume.

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Doing so helped her stand apart from the competition. Roger Starbuck was right when he said, “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”

Additionally, Lauren took advantage of every opportunity to practice mock interviews with me and immersed herself into networking at external events and online. It wasn’t long before she called me to deliver the good news. She landed a great new management position at a company not far from her home. The offer included a lucrative compensation package and four weeks vacation. Lauren was thrilled and thanked me for my role in preparing her for the job search journey. I did my customary happy dance and wished her well.

Whether you are in a job search, vying for a promotion or trying to solidify a relationship with a potential new client, go all in. In order to operate at survival level in our competitive world we must think fast, work hard and stay focused. The key to moving beyond status quo is simple: Exceed expectations.

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The HR manager at Lauren’s new company told her during an interview that she was the only applicant who created a professional video resume. When her resume landed on the hiring manager’s desk, he clicked on the video link. Lauren’s 60 second spot conveyed intelligence, enthusiasm and personality. In a quick call to human resources he requested she be brought in to interview, ASAP. The rest as they say is history.

What are you working on this week? Whatever it is, find a way to position yourself ahead of the pack.


Go the extra mile and you will soon find yourself winning the race.

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  1. Very helpful information for those in career transition. Great example of the power of using a video resume as well as going the extra mile!

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