Tapping Into Your Intutition

follow your intuition

Recently I attended a speech contest. One of the contestants gave a very humorous speech about surviving a harrowing adventure while on vacation. His so called exciting escapade turned out to be a giant scam. Our hero admitted his naiveté in ignoring the red flags (and there were many) he experienced early on. In fact, he titled his speech, “Beware of Red Flags,” as a lesson for the audience.

We all know what those red flags are. We’ve felt them. It’s that queasy, uneasy feeling signaling our brain something is not quite right.

Brain cell

When those crimson warnings arise, the most prudent thing to do is heed them. Often we ignore these caution signals and forge full steam ahead. As was the case of the speaker, the man was just too pumped up to stop and think, eventually finding himself in a heap of trouble. The end result was a hefty hit to his bank account.

Red flags pop up in a myriad of life experiences. Take the dating scene for example. Remember that guy you started seeing last year? Your best friend warned you something was amiss, your mom was not a member of his fan club and in the end, you wasted six months on a relationship going nowhere.  Or what about that “win-win” financial investment your cousin said was a sure thing? You probably knew at the time it was a long shot, but wanting a quick windfall so badly you took an unsafe risk and it cost you, big time.

Avoid tripping over red flags by tapping into your intuition and observing what your body is trying to tell you. The phrase “gut reaction,” is an accurate description of a distress warning exhibited physically. Experiencing a sour or churning stomach when faced with a decision is the internal red flag cautioning danger.

We are all blessed with intuition. Even Bill Gates, who is no doubt surrounded by highly paid talented advisors admits, “Often you have to rely on intuition.” Individuals who are successful in developing this internal insight do make better decisions.

Try it out this week. Place a moratorium on making snap decisions and pay attention to early warning signals.

Desert road

Tune in to the wisdom of your psyche and physical reactions as you consider which path to take. View a hunch as not just a fleeting thought but a valuable piece of information. After considerable reflection, you can turn those red flags green and feel more confident in making decisions and accomplishing your goals.

12 thoughts to “Tapping Into Your Intutition”

  1. Hi Sunny, I agree! I think we have receptors in our heart, mind, and “gut” that take in information even if we don’t consciously realize what that data is. For example, after a certain age, our brains begin to notice patterns established during millions of experiences over the years. So we might be getting a “red light” result from our brain when we’re not even conscious of the fact that it just sifted through 40, 50, 60 years of data to deliver that warning!

  2. Hey Sunny, sounds like you were at a Toastmasters event. Great stuff, right? Anyway, to your argument, occasionally I have gone against my gut instinct, and unfortunately suffered the consequences. Good article, and great reminder. Next time I will STOP and remember your advise. Thanks …..

    1. Yes, Irma…it was a Toastmaster contest. You can learn so much by just watching. Keep trying to trust that initial inner voice and watch out for those red flags. 🙂

  3. Retrospect is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Like Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken” I do wonder how my life would have changed if I’d had the courage to act on my gut reaction–instead of walking into a sinkhole!!

    Very good Sunny!

    Love from Bethesda, Maryland

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