Sometimes You Just Feel Like a Hotdog

 Grilled hot dog

As we meandered in and out of casinos on the Las Vegas strip, I suddenly realized I was famished. About that time we were in Caesar’s Palace, so I suggested we head over to the Mesa Grill, owned by celebrity chef Bobby Flay. My mouth began to water when I started thinking about some of his famous Southwestern cuisine. Unfortunately, my taste buds were in for a disappointment. We were too late for lunch, and too early for dinner. Knowing my stomach would not hold out much longer, I spotted a food court and went off in search of something healthy while my husband selected an all-American vendor who served up hot dogs, hamburgers and beer.

I snagged a table as my husband approached with a burger and ice cold beer. Taking his seat, John related a story about a man in front of him placing his order. Apparently, the server identified him as the chef of a local high-end restaurant. She was delighted to have him at her food stand, but puzzled and politely inquired why he was not eating at his establishment. The chef shrugged his shoulders and replied with a smile, “Sometimes you just feel like a hot dog.”

I love that story because it smacks of simplicity. Keeping it simple is definitely a good option. We have a tendency to over complicate our lives. For example, do you break out in a cold sweat when you cannot find your phone? We do derive benefits from our high tech toys, however, we should not be “on call” 24/7 unless we work in an industry that mandates it. It is perfectly acceptable to “unplug” and withdraw from all communication modes and enjoy some tranquility.

Simplifying life is not just about buying less and managing down time. Are you a slave to your social calendar? Do you say “yes” to every invitation? Do you feel obligated to spend time with people when you’d rather be home reading a great novel? Understand this…”no” is a good word. If jazz is not your preference and the gang is off to hear some band jamming Coltrane’s work, politely opt out. If your friend, Nina Negativity, wants to bend your ear for hours about all the drama in her life, find a way to distance yourself.

And finally, if throwing gourmet dinner parties for your friends causes stress and involves spending an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, simplify the menu, or suggest a pot luck. If all else fails, just serve up some hot dogs with a dollop of mustard and lots of love.

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13 thoughts to “Sometimes You Just Feel Like a Hotdog”

  1. Jan, I love to set a beautiful fancy table, invite my friends over for a “dress up” dinner and see their faces ooh and aah over the table. Then I either serve delivery Pizza or Hot dogs. It’s so much fun, and so unexpected by them! I spend my time doing what I love, the table, and then let dinner be simple. Nothing like a bunch of grown ups, in their little black dresses’s eating hot dogs or pizza! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. Love it, how simply put – “sometimes I just feel like a hot dog”…I’m going to keep that verse in mind thank you.

  3. I recently attended a BBQ. I filled my plate with the “healthy” stuff when all I really wanted was a hot dog and baked beans. I left the BBQ unsatisfied but learned the lesson the chef in you story already knew. In my case the lesson is, “If I feel like a hot dog, eat one.”

  4. Sunny, what you also taught me is to do the things that will get me where I want to go. I love playing pickleball. I could play everyday. However, building my network marketing nutrition business is incompatible with nonstop pickleball. I’m better at saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t support my goals.

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