Reasons to Smile

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After months of job searching, Diane was excited to be back in the workforce again. During the first day on her new job she emailed me two JPG files. Opening them I smiled with delight. One was a picture of a cafeteria and the second a bright blue piggy bank. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is not one of my advice columns about finding a new job. No, it’s about…well, read on and see what you think.
Blue Piggy Bank

Never before has anyone sent me a picture of a cafeteria. This was a first. Although my client, Diane, was grateful to secure a job which meant drawing a long-awaited weekly paycheck, she wholeheartedly appreciated the small perks that made her first day a welcoming experience. The cafeteria was sparking clean and shiny, well stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. This meant no brown bagging it or running out to expensive, crowded restaurants. My client’s new employer was a large financial institution. The bright blue piggy bank was symbolic of perks such as a free checking account along with other benefits included in the total compensation package.

Later that day I thought about Diane taking a few minutes out of her lunch hour to share her excitement with me. When was the last time I hit the pause button and stopped to show appreciation for simple blessings? About that time I gazed out my office window and watched a vibrant humming bird light on a lantana bush. Yep, got the timely message, and bowed my head in thanks.
free humming bird
Then I wrote this little motivational phase in my daily journal: “Just open your eyes and you will have many reasons to smile.”

It is so easy to get caught up in the rigors of everyday life always working toward that big pot at the end of the rainbow and overlooking reasons to smile and acknowledge tiny gifts. Mahatma Ghandi is credited with saying, “There is more to life than simply increasing speed.” Perhaps it’s time we all slowed down a bit to observe the beauty in the details.

So, the next time you are presented with your own version of a bright blue piggy bank, take action. Acknowledge it with gratitude and thanks. Think about sharing it with someone. Tell me about it in the comments section of this blog. I’d love to see what you uncovered when you stopped to find joy in a small enchanting gift.

14 thoughts to “Reasons to Smile”

  1. Awesome article. You know me… I love gratitude, appreciation,and kindness. You are awesome at finding ways to share not just the words, but the feelings that go into the words. Happy weekend Sunny!

  2. That article is so timely for me. I am currently on the Island of Kauai for 10 days. I predict nonstop smiling. Thank you Sunny!

  3. Hi, Sunny. Another brilliant piece of writing. I love how you lifted my day. Have really been down in the dumps since my grandson just got into a pretty bad auto accident. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt but know how he must be feeling inside right now and my heart aches for him. But after reading your blog, I am determined to look on the bright side. He could have been hurt or killed as well as those other people involved. We all go through tough times in our lives; I have had more than my share, but the light eventually appears at the end of the tunnel and you become a better person because of the lesson learned. “Just open your eyes and you will find a reason to smile”. Such simple and excellent words. Thank you.

  4. “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Sunny, you always make me smile…and giggle… and laugh…You gave us another reminder of one of life’s pleasures.

  5. Thank you Sunny for another reason to smile! I’m in Big Bear Lake (aka God’s Country) enjoying so many simple pleasures giving me so many reasons to smile thanks again beautiful Sunny!

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