Learning to Wait Thoughts on the Waiting Game


Last week was eventful. A close friend welcomed a new baby girl into the family while another dear friend said a final loving good-bye to her mother. What both events had in common was a period of waiting. Joyful anticipation built over the months as the new mom and her extended family prepared for the birth of a child. On the flip side, those who have experienced a loved one deal with a lingering illness know tremendous pain as those precious minutes slip away.

There are different types of waiting periods in life. Waiting to meet your soul mate, waiting for a house to sell, waiting for a cappuccino










at your favorite coffee shop, waiting for summer to begin and the list goes on and on.

In the past, I totally sucked at waiting fervently wishing I could fast-forward time. Perhaps that is a common ailment in our “I want it now,” world. True, some things are out of our control and waiting periods fall into that category. Over the years I’ve learned to utilize the wait time wisely and respect the process.

Whoever coined the phrase, “Good things come to those who wait,” had a point. For example, a few years ago one of my single clients (let’s call her Tami) was obsessed with finding a mate.










She went through one of those “What’s wrong with me,” scenarios.  Tami was a beautiful hard working accountant but spending most of her waking hours at the office took a toll on her ability to converse about anything other than balance sheets and journal entries.

My suggestion involved reducing her working hours to make room for a hobby. Following through with this plan Tami enrolled in a number of gourmet cooking classes and even began blogging about vegetarian cuisine.


By busying herself with a hobby, and back-burnering her focus on waiting for “the one” to show up, she began feeling fulfilled outside of the office.


Oh, and did I mention Mr. Wonderful eventually surfaced? Turns out she married the chef instructor of her Pastry 101 course. (Yes, good things do come to those who wait).




Tami’s experience can be applied to most periods of time requiring we patiently go into a holding pattern.

So how do you deal with an event you wish you could hurry along? First, accept that “wait” is not a nasty four letter word. Change your focus and make some plans while you’re sitting it out.

By doing so, in the interim, you might find you’re having the time of your life.

8 thoughts to “Learning to Wait Thoughts on the Waiting Game

    1. Great article….. makes you stop to smell the roses. I’ve been trying very hard to practice patience in my everyday life

    2. After reading your article I was reminded of just yesterday, while checking out at the market, me and another shopper started to get in line at the same time. I looked at the person and said, “you go ahead”, and his response was “no, you go ahead, I’m good”; and I replied, “why is it we are always hurrying up to wait?” Think about it. So we lined up and started chatting while waiting to check out which was a nice way to pass the “wait” part.

  1. Wonderful message, Sunny. The advice you gave your client was spot on and life changing. She took action that enhanced her quality of life. Meeting Mr. Right was frosting on the cake! Waiting and learning to “be” in the life process takes a certain measure of faith and hope. I have found it to be a tremendous period of growth in my life. 😊

  2. Traveling to other countries and standing in line to pass through customs either teaches you patience or can drive you nuts and ruin a vacation before it starts. Enjoy meeting those around and relax. This too shall pass.
    Hello from Roma. An Italian minute can be any amount of time. Be in that moment. Look around. Lots to see.

  3. I remember when I was a young kid ( many years ago ) when I could hardly wait for the school session to end and for summer to begin. Then I got bored and could hardly wait for summer to end and for school to begin again. I missed the sports; sock hops; and then on to our favorite restaurant for Cherry cokes and french fries with gravy.
    I “finally” reached the age of 21…Yeah, I can legally hit the bars with my buds. Wait it’s to wake up at 6am and get ready for work. This seemed like the middle of the night for me, but remember I couldn’t wait to begin this venture for the next 45 years. Looking back, I feel it was all worthwhile except the waiting part was not long enough. As my good friend Frank used to say…”TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE”…but I suggest it will be worth the wait.

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