It’s The Little Things

    For weeks I prepared for a very big move. I traded in life in the Golden State for my next chapter in the Sunshine State. If you’ve ever moved across the country, or across the street, you know when it comes to your personal belongings, there are many decisions to be made.

For me, the big stuff was a cake walk. Selling my furniture, giving away clothing, kitchen ware and electronics, all a no-brainer. It’s the little things that gave me pause. Articles like a mug, a shawl, a tray, a Christmas ornament, a selection of amazing spices,  all gifted to me by friends that I did not leave behind.

     That’s the way it is in life, right? The small items or happenings make your heart sing and bring you joy. A mother’s smile, a first kiss, the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, your fourth grader’s first home run, the list is infinite. It may have been Pooh who said, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Well said dear Pooh. And for all of life’s little things, we should express gratitude.

For the small things that bring me joy, I am grateful

      We can also view this “little thing” concept from a goal achievement perspective. Obviously scoring small wins count when working toward the big goal. As Van Gogh stated, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” He certainly proved it with each tiny little brushstroke. 

Something Small Goes BIG

Sometimes something small inadvertently turns into a big accomplishment. I once read that Dale Carnegie’s mega-best-seller, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” started with a short speech that expanded to a workshop, soon after became a course and eventually, the book. According to Wikipedia, over 15 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide.

So maybe the life lesson here is dream big, but start small.

Stop for a moment and consider the possibility of something you started as a minor project. Is there promise is broadening the outcome? (Note to self: Listen to your own advice. Turn your career columns and motivational blogs into two separate books. )     

Two Take-Aways

Based on the experience, my advice is twofold. Take notice of, and delight in the small things.  Show appreciation to the guy who let you cut into traffic, the barista who made you the perfect Tall Flat White and the sound of your loved one’s laughter. At the same time, review your catalog of small projects and determine if you’ve created a diamond in the rough. The possibilities are limitless!!

Dear Readers,

My husband and I have now been in our South Palm Beach condo for a month. Our transition has been an amazing experience. Takes a bit of moxie to step out in faith, but well worth it.

Now that we are settled in, I am returning to blogging on a regular basis. Thank you for reading and I hope you will continue to subscribe to “Life on the Sunny Side.”



10 thoughts to “It’s The Little Things”

  1. Very well said. An abundance of gratitude goes along way. I am so glad you and John are happy in your new surroundings. Dave and I wish you the best. Love Deb

  2. I’ve been told that because of my age – sad things start happening to people I care about and love. The loss of a loved one or one taken by disease too soon occurred too often to me in the last 18 months. The grief felt by my friends I could only console with a phone call, a visit or a card.
    We talk about enjoying each moment we have because we don’t know what the next day will bring. It takes conscious thought to do so.
    Forgiving, letting go, thanking, loving oneself and telling others we love them could mean when loss happens there will be few “if only’s” “why didn’t I”, and “wish I could take that back”.
    Recently I viewed a FB page with an obituary posted by a friend. Many people commented on it and sent condolences on the page. I chose to send a card. She called and thanked me. It was one of only a few she received. That personal touch is missing in our present hectic world. It takes an active awareness of the finite beauty of our life on earth to remind us.
    To quote Mother Teresa of Calcutta (now Kolkata): Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

  3. Sunny, you are the perfect example of “Live Your Dreams” and the master of parting with the big things when you are downsizing and moving. Taking a lot of your tips and getting rid of a lot of stuff accumulated in the 30 years we have now been in this house. Excited about your “note to self” and right now, want to make dibs on the first copies! And the blogging, write on Dear Friend, I always love what you write!

  4. Jan,
    I always feel a little better after I read your newsletter. It is always so cheerful and
    Mary and I have for months been shedding “stuff”. We have vowed to rid ourselves of a minimum of three items every month, and usually we do much better.
    Life is better with less clutter, physically and mentally.

  5. It was beautiful Sunny, just like you are and you are so missed. Am I signed up for your blog? I thought I was. I have started another critique group where I will be coaching four other writers. First meeting tomorrow. I treasure you dear friend- and the tone of your ‘blog’ tells me you and John are over the moon with happiness in your new life.

  6. Miss you more now that you’re gone. Won’t see your shining face at PSWG anymore. Hope you’re reading my novels. They’re winning more and more medals and I have another coming out in January. But this is about you, not me. So enjoy the last 1/3 of your life dear lady.

  7. We miss seeing you across the lake. However so happy that you are happy in your new adventure. Enjoy reading your blog, keep up the great attitude.

    Check your mailing address on the first page.

  8. Dear Sunny,
    I am so very happy for you and Jon. Having also made a fairly recent big move, I understand maybe now more than ever your message. Please keep those blogs coming. You always seem to strike a chord with me. I miss you so much!!

  9. So nice to have your blog in my e-mail this morning. Today I really needed a ray of sunshine to break into my dark mood-and there you were, Sunny. Such a great blog. It’s wonderful that you are so happy with your move. I am happy for you. And just a note-it’s supposed to be 104 here today.

  10. Dear Sunny,
    I loved reading your blog. What a talent you have for writing. You just don’t write about life, I have seen first hand how you live the moments you write about. You take the blessings in each part of life and concentrate on them and throw away the negative. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouraging us all! You are missed in California!

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