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On the way to the airport an enthusiastic cabbie entertained me explaining in detail his passion for soccer. Over the course of a twenty minute ride, I learned a good deal about the sport most countries, with the exception the USA, refer to as football.  Martin, my driver, who originally hails from Kenya, offered up at least seventeen reasons why soccer is the world’s most popular sport. When I inquired how often he plays the game, he looked at me sheepishly. Meeting my puzzled expression young Martin wistfully replied maybe someday he’ll get on the field again to boot the ball into the net.

While my plane departed from the gate I pondered the reasons people fail to pursue their passions. Each 24-hour period gives us an opportunity to push ourselves beyond the norm. Why not use that time pursuing goals that bring us joy and satisfaction? What stops us?

Sure, we can feed ourselves the line that we are beyond busy, but we know that is just a lame excuse. Growing up, whenever I complained I was too busy to tackle a job, my mother stopped me in my tracks by reminding me if I wanted something badly enough I could make the time to do it. Yes, dismissing my excuses with a little tough love worked wonders.

Fear of Failure
As a career coach, I find fear of failure is often a stumbling block preventing individuals from pursuing their heart’s desire. I know, sometimes looking at the big picture of a total career makeover is scary. My advice to anyone faced with a challenge appearing insurmountable is: Think small. That’s right, small as in baby steps. Whether it’s a career change, a move across the country or tackling a remodel on your home, the magic begins when you break it down into actionable steps.

believe in yourself

Getting Started
Another common lament is not knowing where to begin. Professional tennis player Arthur Ashe put it best when he said, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Getting started need not be complicated. Take some time to brainstorm a path then commit it to writing. You can always make course corrections along the way. Just begin.

As I said good-bye to Martin at the airport I offered up two tips. The first, a monetary thank you for his safe driving and soccer tutorial. My second tip, which I also offer anyone reading this column is…

motivational message live your dream

take one of your “maybe someday dreams” and turn it into a reality. No more procrastinating! Start today by implementing one small step.  Just one action and you are on the road to success. Go for it! I know you can do it!

19 thoughts to “Ignite Your Passion”

  1. Unbelievable, once again you exhibit your path of being a change maker! Nicely done, the queen of sunshine, Sunny Simon!

  2. Great article. I think I started too big. Had a rough day today, but at least I didn’t embarrass myself because I was also lucky. Long story. I love what I do, just trying to navigate this technology can be tricky, and embarrassing if OTHERS see your mistakes . Bad day/good day. I’ll figure it out tomorrow. For now, I will remind myself that I have come a long way, baby! (if your readers are old enough to remember that !)

    1. Irma, I just read an article in Success Magazine by Mel Robbins and here’s a great quote. “Big, fat failure is key to realizing your dreams.” Just keep doing what you do Irma. You have “come a long way baby” and with your moxie you will surpass your wildest dreams!

  3. How important that we follow this advise not only will it gives us something to work at it is the anticipation of attaining that dream that will motivates us more to attain it.

    Sunny what great advice.


  4. So totally agree with your approach: take one baby step at a time! Actually I am making an effort to implement this to navigate major change in my life right now. So far, I think it’s working.

  5. As always, you make me stop and look at what I still want to achieve. Even small simple things we want but seem to put off till another day should be started with a baby step. Otherwise, tomorrow comes around and we still do nothing. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Thanks Sunny, such great advice! Always! I still find myself always “too busy’ but along with baby steps and setting priorities on what to do first, I get it done! Have also learned “so what” and “who cares”. Love these reminders and now….need to go back and read prior articles and think I might find something on don’t over take on too many things.

  7. This is definitely the right time in my life to “Live My Dream.”
    If not now, then when?
    I guess it’s just up to me to make it happen.
    As always, your blog is a refreshing reminder of the sunny side of life.

  8. You nailed it Ms. Sunny – comes under the heading, “never too late” regardless of age; the “wish I had and didn’t”; should of, could of, etc. No one likes to fail or be rejected — but it’s not all bad should that happen – at least one can say they tried. Love your stuff sweetie – you are good. And as Carolyn stated above, need to go back through some of your previous blogs and re-read — as the subject matter is on-going — never gets old.

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