How to Turn Back Time

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Years ago I lived in Canada for a short time. What I remember most about that period of my life were the long and lazy Sundays. It seemed as if that glorious day went on forever and ever. There was time for worship, a drive out to the country to pick up fresh corn, an invigorating hike with my husband, or a day spent curled up by the fire reading a good book.
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One of the factors that made Sunday a day of luxurious respite from the hectic day-to-day pace was the community shut-down. The only place open for business was a minute grocery store called “Mac’s Milk.” It served as an emergency outlet in case you needed milk for the kids’ cereal on Monday morning or bread for lunches.

Now if I were to revisit that Canadian town on a Sunday I could shop at the mall, pick up my dry cleaning, drive-through a Starbucks for a non-fat cappuccino
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or complete my weekly grocery shopping. These activities are identical to what I could accomplish where I live now, or just about anywhere. After reminiscing about my Canadian experience, I realized somewhere along my life’s journey I overlooked the magic of designating a day to things totally unrelated to my ever increasing “to do” list. I decided it was time to turn back the clock.

It does not take a supreme amount of effort for me to forego a mall visit or a trip to the supermarket for provisions on Sunday. What tends to invade my solitude is the overriding technology connection. Recouping the sanity of a relaxing day with no agenda other than to ponder and dream in blissful peace meant imposing a technology ban. For me it meant no tweeting, no checking in with my Facebook friends, no online shopping, no polishing my LinkedIn profile, or spending time in the blogosphere. I had a serious discussion with myself about shutting off my cell phone and refusing to boot-up my laptop no matter how much it called to me.

I am happy to announce unplugging was pure bliss! During the course of last Sunday I found time to take a brief power nap, do some motivational reading, bake a dozen pumpkin scones, treat my dog to a park visit and putter around the kitchen which I find highly therapeutic.

Want to reclaim your day of rest? Follow suit by powering down and calling it a day off with benefits. Try it and let me know how it goes.

9 thoughts to “How to Turn Back Time”

  1. Sunny= your articles just get better and better. I love unplugging on Sunday-, and for the most part I do. Keep up that wonderful writing. I wish you would put it in a book, so much good material.

  2. Sunny-

    Even reading your post was relaxing. I completely subscribe to what you are saying
    and am able to do fairly well with this together with being mindful.

    Your memory of Canada was so special. It reminds me of the simplicity and purity
    of my living in Switzerland when I was far younger.

    Great as always.

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