Everything I Know I Learned from Listening to the Radio

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I recently learned the true definition of a memoir. Manuscripts categorized in that genre must be based on a “life changing” event. The definition prompted me to search my soul. What major experience changed my life? While tripping down memory lane, I honed in on a habit that set the stage for living my “Life on the Sunny Side.”

Early in my career we moved to south Florida. Happily fleeing the brutal Michigan winters I chucked my windshield scraper and traded snow boots for flip flops, balmy ocean breezes and days dripping with bright sunshine. Jobs were plentiful in the technology sector. Our newly adopted city, Boca Raton means “mouth of the rat,” but for me life was a beach.

In addition to a home with a pool, a promising future in human resources and the Atlantic shoreline down the road, I tumbled head over heels in love with another area feature… a local radio station.  No, it wasn’t rock, cool jazz or country. In fact, the station did not play music. To my sheer delight I could tune into motivational radio 24/7. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen became my heroes before they published the “Chicken Soup” series. Brian Tracey, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar graced my personal top ten list mesmerizing me with their wisdom. At every opportunity I listened in as my personal mentors encouraged me to work hard, take risks, and maximize my potential.

Learning to set career goals, and increase my motivation I discovered possibilities in any given situation. These pros taught me the art of time management and how to boost my productivity. My college education paled in comparison to what I derived from such positive role models.

By applying lessons learned, my career gained momentum and I scored an exciting promotion and relocation to northern California. Before I could catch my breath, I was unpacking boxes in the Golden State scanning the broadcasting waves for the Silicon Valley version of motivational radio. Sadly, such programming was severely lacking. My solution was to load my home, car and office with motivational CD’s. To this day, I continue to fill my personal air space with my old favorites and a new generation of motivational masters.

Life changing events may not always strike like a thunderbolt spinning you into another dimension. Perhaps it is not one single explosive moment that turns the tide. I am living proof that sometimes life can change by simply flipping on the radio.


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6 thoughts to “Everything I Know I Learned from Listening to the Radio”

  1. Years ago I heard about and listened to Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, and Napoleon Hill and many more. Then, I got away from listening to the their cassettes (yes that long ago) and they gathered dust in the book case. Now, I’m back listening to the motivational speakers again. Many are in MLM and support what I am doing – which is always helpful. I enjoy listening to Eric Worre and his All Access Go Pro website. A good kick when I need it. Feed your mind the right stuff.

  2. Sunny, I also find myself motivated by audio books. I’m so glad you shared these insights with the rest of us. Thank you!

  3. It’s amazing what we learn – little snippets that get us moving. Plus, hearing positive things sure beats the daily headlines! Like another commenter on your post said, “feed your mind the right stuff.”

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