Cherish the Memories

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Soon the dismantling will begin. Trees with sparking lights will vanish. Fancy holiday wrappings and greeting cards with lovely sentiments will be relegated to recycle. The last of the Christmas cookies and honey crusted spiraled hams will be consumed and radio stations will return to normal programming. Although the physical evidence of the wondrous holiday season will no longer be evident, we can carry the memories with us in our hearts.

I’m a memory keeper. On Christmas day, relaxing in a cozy setting content after consuming our fill of food and drink I began the process.

Two Cappucinos

Tell me your stories I urged my friends. Mentally rewind the year, stopping to pause and reflect on the highlights I coaxed. Then I peppered the group with questions like what was your happiest moment? When during 2015 did you experience your proudest moment? Give me a teachable moment. I longed to share in the events of their lives now considered history.

Smiles began to appear all around. As my friends entertained us with some milestone moments, we all basked in the glow of happy times to be forever kept in our hearts.

One friend deferred explaining he rarely looks back. Cheers to those individuals who excel in living life by staying in the moment. Certainly I could not argue with the wisdom of residing in day tight compartments. Being present wherever you are both physically and mentally is commendable. I applaud mindfulness. In my coaching practice I preach it. But, my philosophy is a bit different. I believe life is about balancing the moment and the memory and that is where I try to live.

What is the point of making memories if they are never revisited? On a physical level, isn’t the reason we snap a picture to capture the moment? Isn’t the point of the clicking the shutter to retain a glimpse for posterity?  Don’t travelers journalize to document their experiences then share the journey with friends upon their return? My belief is that 2015, or any year, should not to be tossed aside lightly. Granted there are times in life when we are happy to see December 31st arrive so that we can start anew, yet within each twelve month period we all experience some joyful moments.

Want to end the year on a high note? Make time to recall the best of 2015. Reviewing those magical moments offers a sense of wellbeing and encourages your inner optimist.  Then move on and embrace the New Year.

Magical New Year theme background, pine cones, coffee, cookies on wooden table

My wish for you is that 2016 brings you wondrous moments of great joy. Capture them and hold them close to your heart.

15 thoughts to “Cherish the Memories”

  1. What are we if not a collection of memories from years and moments past? I had a hunting companion who always wanted to retain the hunt in his visual mind. I took photos. We both retained memories that show our life past. Great foundation for building on 2016.

  2. Memories are wonderful. The good ones cheer you up in your daily life & the not so good ones help you learn to make good decisions going forward. They help comfort you when you’re older and unable to do things that you used to do and see loved ones that are gone. This past year was a good one for me, not without daily challenges in life and business, but I certainly was blessed by not having to deal with serious issues that many of my family and friends are dealing with. I’m definitely looking forward to 2016. Thanks for being a blessing, Sunny, I love your writings.

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