About Sunny

About Sunny

Prior to becoming a career coach, writer and motivational speaker, I spent twenty years in the field of human resources. It offered everything I was seeking, an opportunity to be a talent scout, a compensation guru, and a consultant to management. During my corporate career, I worked for both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Originally I hail from the mid-west. Upon graduation from Central Michigan University I married a Canadian, fled the cold climate and found a place in the sun. Since then we have resided in both Florida and California.

Known as an incurable optimist and master change agent, I am passionate about writing. My book, Life on the Sunny Side: Inspirations for Busy Women That Will Ignite Your Dreams and Brighten Your Life was published in October 2020.

In addition to my blog and career coaching business, I wrote a weekly column doling out life and career advice in the “CV Weekly,” a widely distributed regional publication in the Coachella Valley.

Recently, after a 16 year stint in sunny Palm Springs, my husband and I returned to balmy southern Florida.  I am affectionately labeling this  new adventure “Florida Part II.”  Loved the desert but found we missed sunrise walks on the beach and just caught freshly grilled fish enjoyed at funky beach side cafes. Happily, settled in our new condo, literally across the street from the ocean, I am still blogging about and thoughtfully reinventing myself.


  1) I’ve lived in three US states and one Canadian Province 

2) A famous Hungarian gypsy band played at my wedding

3) I’m a terrible speller – probably the world’s worst 

4) I love flamingos and have a stuffed one named Pricilla

5) I’m still married to my first husband. (He’s quite lovable)

6) I think chewing gum and snooze alarms should be banned

7) I’ve never watched The Office 

8) I still think paper is a technology

9) I’ve never read Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights

10) I’m passionate about coffee drinks – should probably get a job at Starbucks. 

For information on my career coaching business, see our sister site at www.raisethebarhigh.com