Overcoming a Lack of Motivation

Ever find yourself in a motivational slump? Last week as I viewed large pockets of free time on my calendar I was practically doing back flips thinking of the precious hours I could spend advancing on my goals. Turns out, it didn’t happen that way. What happened was a total lack of motivation, followed by frittering the hours away, ending in a period of zero progress.










Determined not to let this happen again, I resorted to research. Needing stimulation beyond my own self coaching  I scanned through some motivational blogs and came up short. Everything read like the same old blah, blah, blah that ran through my head. Nothing signaled a brain spark until I noticed a post by Olympic athlete, Inga Stasiulionyte.

Now I was onto something. If anyone could help me carve a path out of this listless do-nothing fog, a javelin thrower turned executive coach had a chance. Obviously anyone who followed her dream all the way to the Beijing Olympic Games knows something about victory.









As I studied her approach to success, it all boiled down to one common theme. Discipline. Okay, nothing new, we all know it takes commitment and focus to get to the goal line, however, in this simple sentence Inga offered up a key to get me back on track. “Build a no-matter what mindset.” Aha! You see all week long I gave myself permission goof-off. I decided if I could permit a lax attitude, I could also create a no-matter what mindset.

While testing it out the next day I encountered some resistance. After working on my top priority for twenty minutes, I found myself cleaning out a desk drawer. Obviously my brain preferring to operate on auto-pilot wasn’t buying into this new mindset thing. Faced with the choice of rearranging my desk or returning to work I vacillated for a moment. As I surveyed the objects in the drawer I spied a big black marker.  Grabbing the fat pen and a sheet of paper I wrote in large black letters “no matter what” and stuck it on the wall in front of me. Eyeing that powerful phrase was exactly what I needed to kick me back into action.

This new mindset worked again the next day. You see, I live in the desert and was late getting out for my power walk. Feeling like the heat was getting to me I considered cutting my trek short. Taking a deep breath I looked up at the sun and proclaimed (yep…you guessed it) no matter what! It was all I needed to suck it up and finish my walk.











Let’s face it. Human beings fall into slumps that thwart progress. When the doldrums take over, search out a role model who didn’t give up. Grab on to a motivational mantra and push yourself forward. Although I cannot correctly  pronounce Inga’s last name, I assure you I will never forget her for inspiring a “no-matter what” mindset. Game on!


5 thoughts to “Overcoming a Lack of Motivation”

  1. “No matter what,” bites an author every day. Plan on finishing a chapter but the desk needs clearing, someone calls, need to weed whip the dandelions under the deck. I get up, get a few animal crackers, stretch, climb the stairs, then get back to the chapter. When it is done, I can go to the gym, shower, drink whisky, laugh with my wife, look forward to a couple hours of reading a good book. Yeah–“no matter what” is strong stuff. Thanks for dialing in on it.

  2. I had the same talk with myself three times this week when I was getting a late start on MY desert walk/run. Two days I made it to the gym in my community and used the treadmill after the weight machines…the third – gave up and cleaned a few closets…this mantra will definitely stick with me in the future. Thanks – again – for your great words! Caren

  3. I have a lot of “no matter what” stuff on my list — so to echo Jim Misko’s comment – “thanks for dialing in on it”; and, same for your taping up the message in large letters — “game on” girl.

  4. Yes, did read this when it first came thru and now went back to read again! Yes, those words keep things in focus!
    So added it to my list of motivators! Used the black marker and also hung the paper! Thanks Sunny!

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